Chinese Ambassador To Iran Visits Satra

Chinese Ambassador To Iran Visits Satra

On Aug 24,2020, Chinese ambassador to Iran ,Chan Hu, met and held talks with the head of Iranian Audiovisual Media Regularly Authority(SATRA).

During his visit to Satra, the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China stressed the need to boost media cooperation between Iran and China,especially in cyberspace and said, “Large Internet and IT companies in China are mostly private companies that will certainly welcome cooperation with Iranian Internet companies.”

“We are ready to provide Iranian audiovisual media with a number of Chinese TV series for free,” Chang added.

Dr. Emamian—head of SATRA— annunced Iran’s preparedness to increase media cooperation with China to further develop its connections and media industry.

“Promoting cooperation with the East is on the agenda of SATRA,” he added.

SATRA’s responsibility is to develop the Iranian media industry, he said, adding, “Since its inception, SATRA has been extensively involved in international activities.”

“We have communicated with more than 40 Western media regulators for the past two years,” said Dr. Emamian.”

He also stressed that the two countries should provide the grounds for media cooperation and said, “We hope that the meeting will be the beginning of a joint cooperation to transfer experiences and develop relationships among the relevant private institutions.”

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