SARTA Audiovisual Media Innovation Center(AVMIC) was inaugurated in Tehran

SARTA Audiovisual Media Innovation Center(AVMIC) was inaugurated in Tehran.

The ceremony was attended by a number of senior officials including Dr. Ali Askari, director general of IRIB and Dr. Sattari, vice president for science and technology.

Dr Emamian, head of the Iranian Audiovisual Media Regulatory Authority said, “This is a symbolic event that indicates the importance of media competition and media regularity. It would not have happened without the presence of knowledge-based companies. We have just arrived at technological solutions.”

He emphasized on the necessity of moving towards regulation and fine-tuning of technology-based regulation as well.


“services given by various companies regarding audiovisual productions will be expanded and eventually lead to local content creation and dissemination followed by running this center.”, Head of DATA continued.

Dr Emamian further added that Iran’s advantage in regulating audiovisual media is due to its all-encompassing media industry. Media regulation should conform with laws so that we can enter the market. In addition, the national audiovisual media would be of great importance.

The main aims of this center include content recording ,blockchain technology, discerning intellectual property rights using artificial intelligence, and confirming the authenticity of the works with an emphasis on development of advertising.

At the end of the ceremony a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Vice President for Science and technology and Iranian Audiovisual media regulatory Authority

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