Satra is presidential election overseer on the internet

Based on  decision was made: Stara should oversee all of platroms on the internet. Dr. Ali Asgari, according the importance of monitoring internet in the field of election, said: Our goal is to hold healthy elections and monitoring must be such as to block any violations.

He added: “It is very important to avoid psychological operations in the vast of internet in which” Satra “is experiencing electoral regulation for the first time.

Ghazi Zadeh Hashemi, a member of parliament and a member of the Radio and Television Supervisory Council, also referred to the election activities in the virtual context and said: “It was approved to monitor the activities of domestic and foreign platforms to determine the advertising environment and provide a healthy environment for competition.”

He added: “In addition, the fair distribution of the candidates’ messages and propaganda materials was also discussed, and the monitoring of the election activities will be legalized by presenting” Satra “comments.”

Ghazi Zadeh Hashemi added: “Satra is responsible for supervising these activities from the time the candidates are announced until the qualification is approved, and from the time the candidates are qualified until the end of the presidential election, the country’s election commission will monitor their cyber advertising.”

Seyed Sadegh Emamian, head of the Satra  , also said that the approvals were based on media fairness and within the framework of the regulations communicated to the platforms.

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